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I agree taking a moose is incredibly difficult in the first place, no less taking one with a 7.62x39 of any load and bullet construction. I would not recommend an SKS for hunting anything larger than deer, maybe elk assuming you are a very good shot and know when to let them go and when to wait for a better shot. I recommend nothing lighter than a 308 for moose, your mosin nagant would be able to handle that task given a decent hunting bullet was used.

as for countries making knockoffs, there is no such thing as an SKS knockoff. much like the AK47, they were manufactured all across the communist world. russia, China, Yugoslavia, Romania, Korea, Vietnam and I think even Cuba all manufactured their own SKS at one time or another. China, having made the most and using them the longest tends to import the most SKS these days with much of the russian and Yugo rifles drying up.
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