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Whatever gets passed i pray to God it's not this :

Fact of the matter is there are plenty restrictions on firearms to keep them out of the hands of evil people...yet they still get them because if someone wants to do something bad enough your going to do it, no written law is going to change a thing. The incident that happened with the man ambushing the firemen Christmas day.. the man is a felon that just got out of a 17yr sentence for killing a relative. Legally he can't own a single firearm, yet he had four. So then how is any control supposed to stop that man? If there were no guns on earth people would still be killing people then we'd all be hearing about banning knives and going to all plastic silverware. Then comes the truth of why should I and other law abiding citizens be punished because of what some nut did unlawfully in the first place? We have a middle ground and it's the laws currently in place. This whole thing is a bunch of BS and its driving me insane.

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