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I would like to state that I am sorry for how I approached this issue.

I am all for less restrictions on gun ownership, and I want to work towards that. My talk of middle ground is merely due to the fact that we are in middle ground already. My reasoning behind the initial post was to discuss the reality of the issue, and because I believe that blanket bans on features or properties of some guns is pretty dumb, but I also see no point in discussing *only* a full return to, for lack of a better term, "full gun liberation".

The reality that we are currently already in the middle ground means to me that middle ground is where discussion needs to be focused on. I would ideally like much more freedoms in not just this arena, but others as well. To get there, I wanted to discuss, in a civil manner, how we could propose to roll back restrictions that are in place, and useless. I DO NOT think that gun ownership should be absolutely unwatched, or unregulated. I do think that *some* measures of control should be in place. I do not think restricting carry in most currently restricted places is good in any way, I do not think that restrictions on MGs, SBR/SBSs, or suppressors is helping any issue in any way.

This discussion was NOT started over the Sandy Hook incident, and I am not going to get into it in any way. I am aware of many of the same things the rest of you are. I don't need convincing, I just wanted to discuss the realities, and perhaps what measures could actually be kept and be useful, and how to deal with our current situation without resorting to faceless statistics that would be ignored anyway, or the "all or nothing" approach. Small steps are how things change, and the laws aren't going to be lifted in one fell swoop, nor is the talk of how things "should be" from either side doing anything but make the sides despise each other further.

I hope that clears up my stance...
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