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That's a hard one. I have both also (well the Sig is a 239 9mm) and they are both box stock.( I do have a couple G- 19 and G-17 mags for the 26) I would hate to let either go as I know you do. But from your standpoint and carry the G-26 90% of the time I guess I would let the Sig go. Most of the time I am carrying my G-33 even though it's not a real common round I would hate to see it go to. But trust me if there is any way to keep both, I mean anyway at all try to keep them both. Anyway you look at it you are going to regret it, and who knows whats going to happen down the road, hell we might not be able to buy a pistol at all. I know that's a long shot but hey........... "I am just say'n.
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