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S&W 28-2 new to me

Mod 28-2 Highway Patrolman
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I scored this on one of my recent LGS rounds. It is in excellent condition, hardly fired, except for; the side plate middle screwhole, someone messed up the sideplate by the screw and lightly scraped the bluing with a screwdriver. I offered $500, $50 less than the asking price because of the cosmetic issue. LGS checked with owner and the owner ok’d $500. I touched up the mark with a blueing pen and its considerable less noticeable now.

It came with a blue box, not the correct box, no tools papers. Didn’t have original stocks and the ones on it were a bit grungy. I cleaned them up and gave them a new coat of finish and they turned out well.

I cleaned the bore and chamber and took it for a quick test drive and everything worked fine. Second trip with paper found it shoots very accurately. Only thing is I had to crank the rear sight to the far left to center hits on the target at 7 yards. I don’t know if I’ll worry about the sight alignment too much as it shoots very accurately. Only thing is that it is annoying to have to crank the rear sight all the way to the left.

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