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yup, I think you're right, lol! The other one that I shot was my English Tower pistol. That sucker don't even have sights! We did one day of pistols at my buddys, I brought those two, along with a Griswold, a Pietta S & G shorty, and my 1860. Fired some of his Remmy's and a Mason-Richards conversion. Next day was rifles, .50 cal Hawken, .32 cal squirrel gun, 54 cal, and a flintlock, think that was also 50 cal. The highlight of the day was shooting an old 1800's vintage 38 cal long rifle that hadn't been shot in over 100 yrs. Trying to trace it's lineage, got a line on the lockmaker, but the rest of the rifle is a mystery. Fun weekend though!
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