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Brand New Ruger SR22 Review

I called my lgs and put a Glock 26 gen 4 that their website stated they had on hold. This was for my better half as she likes the Gen 4 interchangable back strap.

When I went to the LGS to pick up the prize the clerk handed me the nicest looking Gen 3 G26 I have seen. Too bad it wasn't the gen 4 grip like she wanted.

As I was leaving I noticed this little baby.

Here's the rub. I will not inform you of the apologies of the owner of the LGS nor the awesome price I got this thing for but let's just say I have not seen a lower advertised price on an SR22.

Well it came home with me and was a blessing in disguise. Over 100 rounds of CCI later and not a single hickup.

I am extreemly happy with fit and finish as well as functionality as it was perfect. Compared to the last 22 pistol I owned (a chiappia 1911 22 pos).

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the days expirence was that Momma vermonter who is visiting for the holidays decided to give it a go!

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