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Originally Posted by Rainbow Demon
Awhile back I posted a query about the same sort of gap showing at my S&W Model 59's bushing, the gap extending all the way around. I was told this was not a concern.
If its a sign of a potential problem in the future should I start looking for a replacement bushing?
I don't see why or how it could be an issue. The recoil spring is always in compression and pushing the bushing forward, but the maximum force applied (if the pistol doesn't an incorrect recoil spring in it) is 16 pounds for a standard Government model, 18 pounds for a standard Commander, and 22 pounds for an Officers ACP. No matter what power level of ammo you shoot or how fast the slide travels, unless the spring stacks the forward force on the bushing can never exceed the rated strength of the spring.

What you are describing is a cosmetic issue only.
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