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I'll be honest I haven't been counting the rounds as they go through if I had a guess I'm around 60 round range. When i do go to range i shoot 3 shot groups and let the barrel cool for 10-25 mins depending on how cool it feels. I don't clean in between shots, should I be? Also when I clean my gun i prefer the bore snake, I wet the start of it with Hoppes gun clean and run it through 2 times. I was told that over cleaning can be an issue and that sometimes people go crazy! Unfortunately I don't use a bore guide but i plan on getting one in the near future. I'm not using a one piece rod, I'll be honest I've never seen one even in the store, and whats the big deal over that. I'm getting decent group sizes within one inch of each other, once in a while i get a really bad stray, but i am a new shooter and its my first gun and I'm still getting comfortable with it (30-06 which I heard is a semi big round for a first ever shooter). Despite my hesitation with this gun I went out today and got my first ever deer, although the shot almost hit the hindquarters it got the job done. I plan to go to the range tomorrow to see if this is my fault or because of the adrenalin i may have flicked over. Im so happy
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