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I lived in a town not far from the US&S plant in SWISSVALE PA. There are RUMORS that there are LUNCH BOX PISTOLS in the area .But you know how RUMORS ARE.
Ran across a site awhile back that had a evaluation of a WW2 Remington Rand "lunchbox pistol".
Due to some difficulty in setting up the machinery some Remington Rand frames were not properly machined at the forward end.
These and other frames with defects were disposed of by smashing or crushing with a vice of the thinest part in front of the triggerguard.
The lunchbox special on that page had a frame with the crushed portion straightened leaving a split in the steel. This did not affect operation.
The frame had been salvaged from the junk bin, likely these would otherwise have been melted down as scrap metal. Where the other parts came from is unknown, perhaps also pocketed parts with minor defects, but post WW2 every replacement part other than a frame could be bought cheaply as surplus.
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