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Price of shot is up ....but most gun clubs in my area(shotgun clubs) ....sell shot for near their a benefit to the members ..and they're buying it by the ton ( 5 - 6 tons at a time usually ) it means there is some benefit to the members - where most of us that shoot 10 - 20 boxes a week at skeet, trap or sporting clays still reload. Price of shot at my club has been around $26 - $30 a bag with tax for awhile for new Northwest Shot - but if you have to buy off the internet I can see why it may not make a lot of sense.

But in my area promo shells...even 1 oz loads are still $6 a box retail.

We do keep our costs down a little by shooting 1 oz loads in 12ga ...and thats what my prices were based on ....and I prefer a 1 oz load of 8's at about 1225 fps ...but many guys have been shooting 1oz loads for a long time, regardless of the price of shot...its just a better perfoming load in a 12ga.

My loads....Rem STS hulls (12ga), Green Duster wads(1oz), Win 209 primers, Hodgdon Clays powder. ( I buy wads and primers in case lots - and powder in 8 lb kegs ). Rem STS hulls especially in 12ga or 20ga will last easily for 20+ reloads.../ but your right, its the cost of shot that makes up most of your cost to reload.

If I didn't have the advantage of a club buying tons of shot at a the past I've gone in with a couple of buddies ...( at 80 bags to a ton of shot )...if you get 5 or 6 buddies together...its pretty easy to share 3 or 4 tons of shot...I keep at least 20 bags around most of the a mix of 9's and 8's...( 8's for 12ga and 20ga / 9's for 28ga and .410 ) - and then just watch for the best deal I can find.

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