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My 1911's are no longer my primary go-to weapons. That duty falls to several others... a G21SF, M&P45C, G17, G19.

The G26, PM9, P938, S&W 640 and 642 also serve as back-ups to the primaries.

Although, I should add that this Colt Series 70 Hard-Chromed Virgil Tripp custom 1911 sits fully loaded (8+1) with 230 gr. Federal HST, on the shelf beside my desk,

largely because I like having it around, looking at it, and it is certainly capable of serving very well indeed, if needed.

High capacity is what, primarily, led me to transition to the G21SF, G17, and G19 for defense/carry use.


For the record... In a couple of decades of continual use of my 1911's, I've never had a plunger tube separate or be loose in any way. I did learn early on, however, how to adjust extractor tension - something that's very quick and easy to do, and important to know how to do if relying on 1911s for defense.
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