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It doesn't really matter what caliber, but I definitely want something big enough to take down, say, a moose. It will be target gun first, but when I leave college, I'll go hunting more.

Also I heard there were knock-off SKS' from some obscure country? Sort of like China's knock-off AK's. Would these kind of guns be cheaper?

Also, what exactly is a center fire? Sorry, all I have is a mosin, and even then I just know the basics of how to take it apart, how to load, etc.

Thanks all, helpful info so far!

EDIT: I don't have much gun experience, but it seems odd from a business industry standpoint that you can get a Mosin-Nagant for as low as $65, but the next cheapest gun shoots up to over $200. There has to be a middle-ground gun in there somewhere!
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