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I'm with AlabamaShooter here. I can't say I'd ever pick either of these weapons for home defense. But I'll play along:

I think I 'd go with the Ruger. If you, or whoever you are buying for do not have a good 10-22 it's the first thing I would buy. You can fire through whatever sized clip just as fast as you can work your finger. I mean, I am no badman, and have no criminal record- but a banana clip of hot .22's would deter me from committing a crime! (and I am a very athletic 6' 3"/220lb guy).

I do prefer the caliber of the High Point, but I had a bad experience with that brand. I bought one of their 9mm pistols back in college (around 2003 or so). It was $100 or so. I figured it would make a good camping/kayaking pistol. I could never get it to shoot reliably. The first round of the clip never chambered correctly. I tried a lot of different ammo. Just when I would start to think it was fixed it would randomly FTL or FTE midway in the clip... I literally gave the thing away.

Sure, perhaps I got a dud. Maybe it just needed tuning? Who knows. The local gun shop stopped carrying them and did not have nice things to say about them.

But I will say, an uncle of mine has a Hi Point carbine and claims it's pretty reliable. I don't know. I won't give another one a chance. I'd personally just save for something better.
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