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But they never made a trainer rifle for the M-1 Carbine, at least not one that the government contracted for.
Yeah, but I am not interested in one as a collector so much as having a copy I can shoot. I will be using these for the same reason the government originally contracted them. I can get 30 carbine at most gun stores, but I don't stock it regularly and it isn't super cheap to shoot. With a citadel carbine I can take it to the range and shoot a few hundred rounds without batting an eye. The C&R guns are great fun to look at, but they don't get used as much as I would like. I also don't like giving them to other people to shoot all that much.

I did check out RFC. I have had it bookmarked for a long time. The thing is almost all the posts there seem to be about buying the cheapest trainer available and sporterizing it into the worlds greatest squirrel gun. Look at the last few months and almost all are just about M9 trainers.
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