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There are extremists on both sides
How is being true to the origin of something in our constitution extreme? If we had 2000 gun laws a year after the revolutionary war Id be inclined to agree we've see a seen a natural progression... That's not what happened..

Consider if our other rights were to be restricted in similar ways...

License to speak in public. Background check prior to public speaking. You have to get a new background check for each speech. If your speech papers get seen prior to the speech you could become subject to arrest. Or how about if you attend religious ceremonies more than twice a month then you need to fill out special paperwork for high volume attendance... Religious books must be kept with lock and key and when not in use place in a safe meeting California standards..

None of these things would fly for our other rights, not one of them so how is expecting the equal treatment of a right extreme? There never is any compromise by antis, never we loss more and more and they lose nothing, that's not compromise.

No, I honor your sentiments and your right to have them even if I strongly disagree with you... I don't have a lot of grey area, things are either right or wrong, but we are all different..
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