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You are probably correct. It makes you wonder where all those people in government come from in the first place.

But to shortwave, I am wondering what you mean when you say the way people talk today, was not the way at the time of the revolution. I'd say that people were just as argumentative as they are now and they were like that at the constitutional convention. You are correct in that it would be possible to have another constitutional convention, though chances are, we won't. But far from there ever being a one-world government, countries seem to be falling apart all the time, sometimes peacefully, sometimes not so much. It is always striking to me how countries and peoples maintain their identity and language over the years, though some have certainly disappeared. Whatever became of the Visigoths? Yet there is Slovenia, cheerfully maintaining it's quaint folksiness in the middle of a busy, hot world. Even I, a provincial American from the hills of Applachia, have managed to wind up with a couple of CDs of Slovenian music. Of course, in addition to the Balkan Boogie, there's "In the Summertime," and "Oh, Susana." No yodeling, though. Can't have everything from one of those unknown foreign lands speaking in strange tongues.
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