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Thanks ClydeFrog for all of your advice. As for the OC spray . . . I actually have a pepper spray / mace with me most of the time in the field, but unfortunately, due to the indisputable increase in lethal violence that has infiltrated our society, exemplified by recent tragedy, that's not gonna cut it. As far as the shoulder holsters, I have never really been a huge fan of any kind of cross-draw, only because I find it a bit more risky. I will definitely look into that as an alternative to a paddle holster. (and I have obtained certification for use of chemical agents through my agency, it was actually part of the field training!). Normally, I would go with a different and more concealable gun, (even a sig p226 / p228 because they are slightly more narrow) but Sig Sauer p229's and p229R's are the standard firearms issued by my department. Thanks again for all your help.
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