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You are right. There are extremists on both sides, but they will not prevail.
The middle ground will.
There are people here who state "both are clearly and obviously unconstitutional" with regard to certain gun laws.
And it never occurs to them to ask "according to who?"
You and the mouse in your pocket? Has the Supreme Court ruled on that?
The Supreme Court is the authority on what is, and what is not constitutional. And there are recent cases.
Heller and McDonald.
If you have never heard about those cases, you should read those cases, or at least read about them.
They do not jump to irrational and self serving conclusions on either side of the issue.
They take a middle ground.
And that is what will prevail. And what that middle ground is is that you have a right to own guns for self defense, against criminals and crime.
Not because you think you have a right to overthrow the government because you think it is unconstitutional or tyrannical.
And the issue will not be decided or determined on the forums.
So don't waste your time with the wacky statements.
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