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Originally Posted by Salmoneye
Yet the only 'middle ground solution' you have put forward is to require citizens to 'take a class' like hunter safety in order to exercise a right...
Originally Posted by myshoulderissore
And you contributed approximately nothing. Aiming for me solves nothing, sticking to the polar opposites solves nothing. I proposed that as a replacement for other, restrictive measures, because the fact is the anti's will not just go away, and restrictions are already in place. You can't go from 100 to 0 without passing through 80, and several other numbers.
Thanks for the math lesson...

I know...You insist you aren't blaming guns, but those of us that are 'not contributing' see your sole 'middle-ground' suggestion to require us to jump through different hoops than we do now in order to exercise a right, as doing just that...

Now that we have that out of the way, maybe we can discuss the real issue at hand, which is how we deal with the Mental Health issues of some of our citizens...The fact that we can not 'control' dangerously disturbed individuals until they actually harm others should be the focus of our words and worries over whether to infringe on an individual's liberty...

Just a thought...
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