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I may be behind on shot shell loading supplies, as I don't buy them often. The killer for me was the last time I tried to get lead shot. It had got to be about $50 for a 25 lb bag with tax, unless I wanted to pay shipping on it (which outweighed on-line savings). That's almost $0.16 for 1¼ oz. After a .03/primer and .03/wad (this is getting shipping and/or taxes in where necessary) that put my 1¼ oz loads at about $5.50 a box. I see shells on sale from time to time in that price range. $5.99/25 not uncommon, and $4.99 rarely (though that's probably a 7/8 oz. load). And that's before sales tax.

But you can see why it looked to me like cost and price were closing in on each other. $3.50 would be great, so please feel free to post recommended component sources.
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