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The EGW "drop-in" carry bevel bushing (example only) has an O.D. of .699" and an I.D. .580". It is designed to fit, with little to no modification, any gun that is within spec tolerance. If your gun is to spec, it will fit.
The issue lies in how it will fit. If your slide is say... .701", it will fit with little to no effort. If your barrel is say... .578", again, you won't have any bind issues. The down side here is that you end up with a relatively loose fit (although it may be an improvement over what you currently have) and no bushing to barrel and slide fit improvement.

Unless you actually measure your parts... ordering a drop-in is a crap shoot.

You will be far better off if you measure your slide and barrel and order a bushing from EGW to fit the way you want it. If your slide is .701", you order a .701" bushing (or what ever O.D. size you need)... it will be snug, may require a little filing of the lug and may require a wrench, which is a good thing for accuracy, not so good for convenient disassembly. Your call. If you don't want to screw with a wrench, then you get a bushing that has a O.D. .001" under your slide measurement.
As to the bushing I.D., you tell them your barrel O.D. and they size the bushing to be .0005" ~ .001" larger... which is right where you want it to be for accuracy. If you are paranoid, or not really secure in your measuring abilities or measuring tool (dial or electronic caliper... micrometer and I.D. transfer tool) then order 1 size larger O.D.

If you are super paranoid and have money, go find a 1911 gunsmith, explain your situation... they will order and fit an EGW bushing for you... correctly.

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