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From Aquila Blanca's post

I believe this occured because the slide of my gun came from the factory slightly shorter in front than it should have been. There was a fingernail-size gap between the barrel bushing's flange and the slide; you could move the bushing back and forth with your fingertips. This being the case, of course, the bushing took a hellacious pounding as it jacked itself back and forth every time the gun was fired, and finally it gave up the ghost. You should check your gun to ensure that the bushing fits snugly into the slide.
Awhile back I posted a query about the same sort of gap showing at my S&W Model 59's bushing, the gap extending all the way around. I was told this was not a concern.
If its a sign of a potential problem in the future should I start looking for a replacement bushing?
I've never heard of a S&W bushing failing, but I'm not sure if the bushing of my pistol is the factory original.
The pistol does not appear to have been fired very much before I got it, and retains near 100% of the original bluing. Only touch up needed was to a few scratches on the rear of the grip frame that look to have been from contact with a safety strap snap or something of the like. I touched these up with an aluminum blacking compound.
The pistol functions flawlessly, though for me it prints to the left and required some windage adjustment to get it centered in the black. Could a bad bushing (on the S&W or Colt 1911) throw bullets to one side?
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