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If you're not a bird hunter and are sure you never will be...just cut the existing barrel, square it up, and cold blue the raw steel. If it's a vent rib barrel, be sure you cut it at the nearest attachment that leaves you approx. 18.5"...or longer... to the closed breech face. In other words, you do not want an unsupported piece of the rib at the end of the barrel, nor do you want a barrel shorter than 18"+ (18" is the absolute minimum by law). Couple more points: If it has a vent rib, you cannot put a heat shield on it. If it has a vent rib, there are sights by Truglo and Hi-Viz that will attach to the rib. If it has a plain barrel, there are also sights by Truglo and Hi-viz that snap on to the barrel.

The 1400 is a decent auto shotgun. Not high-end by any stretch, but plenty functional and, if kept clean, should serve you well.

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