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Taurus PT709

I just purchased one last week and went to the range this weekend. I too have read good things about this 9mm. I shot about 50 rounds of 124 grain I think it was of Blazer and 50 rounds of monarch 115 grain and 50 rounds of some stuff the range had 115 grain all ball ammo and it all shot well. The only problem I had was before the last round was fired the slide would lock in the open position. This happend about 5 times. The first couple of times it happend I actually ejected the magazine and there was still one round left. I then started to pay closer attention at to when it would happen. I could not tell when it would and why. I never cleaned the pistol before firing as it was clean, only thing I did was to put a couple of drops of oil on the slide rail. After the range I went back home and dissasembled the weapon and could not find any mechanical problems with it. I then dissamble the magazine it has was appeared to be some type of assembley grease in it and i the spring and cleaned it and the follower and magazine well. I have not had a chance to go back to the range and see if cleaning the magazine has fixed the problem. The pistol never jammed or stove piped any rounds. It would just push the last round forward enough for the follower to catch and lock the slide open. I was able to release the slide and shoot the last round. I was kinda dissapointed in this and I was really wanting to depend on this weapon as a concealed carry gun, I'm having second thougths now. I'm going to contact Taurus Monday and see if they have had any other PT 709 SLIMS do this. I did order two new magazines online and do not have them yet. When I get those other magazines I'm going to inpsect them also before I go back to the range and see if the issue is resolved. The gun shoots really well and I was able to ajust the rear sights and functions great until it holds the slide open. I wonder if anyone else has had this problem or something like it. Until I can fully trust this weapon I'm going to carry my full size Smith and Wesson M&P which has functioned flawlessly just hard for me to conceal. I hope this helps.

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