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Looking for a .22 - Sig 1911-22 worth the money?

I bought my first pistol a few months ago: a SA 1911 EMP 9mm. I have really enjoyed shooting it and am looking at adding a .22lr semi-automatic to my collection.

I went by a local gun store last week and was able to get my hands on several pistols: Ruger SR22, Walther P22, S&W M&P-22, ATI/Sig 1911-22, Sig Mosquito.

I have ruled out the Walther and Sig Mosquito. The M&P-22 was okay, but I liked the feel of the others better.

So I have narrowed my choices down to the Ruger SR-22 and the Sig 1911-22. My question: Is there anything about the 1911 that justifies the extra cost for me? It is a little more than I wanted to spend, but the dealer mentioned that it's good to get a 1911-style .22 because it will mimic the feel of my EMP.

I am also considering the Browning Buckmark and Ruger MKIII, but this store didn't have any and I'm not sure they are in my price range ($300-$400 max)

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