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Regardless of which way the wind blows, deer using small areas of heavy cover like you describe will bed with the wind to their back and their eyes downwind. This lets them smell danger they can't see and see the danger they can't smell. In an urban setting where there is open ground all around, this is a very safe situation for them. If the winds changes during the day, they will change their position accordingly. Since they enter the area long before legal hunting hours and don't leave till after, ringin' the area with stands ten yards apart will do nothing to improve your chances of success. In these types of setting with human habitation so close, of course the deer become accustomed to the smells of humans. But they do relate to the relative closeness of said smells and associate darkness with safety. That's why they'll feed in the garden ten feet from the back of the house at night with laundry hangin' on the line. One scenario that may prove successful would be during the breeding season where bucks are actively seeking does in areas they normally bed. Even if you kick the does outta that small area, a buck on the prowl will most certainly come and check it out hoping to find a hot doe. Another scenario may be to put a blind a short distance from that area in hopes that will become accustomed to it and may move by it in the evening on their way to feed. Even nocturnal deer will occasionally move early because of inclement weather either coming or already gone. Also deer cannot count, so if two people walk to the blind and only one walks away and disappears in the distance, they think all the danger is gone. If there is snow on the ground you don't need to see where the deer go when spooked, their tracks will speak for themselves.
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