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Murder is already unlawful,with the harshest available penalty.

Apparently a law against murder does not prevent murder.

How many resources go into the war on drugs?Can just about any high school kid obtain just about anything they want?

What is a "drug cartel"?

How restrictive are gun laws in the most dangerous places in America?

How safe are the places with the most gun freedom in USA?

The real issue is in the oath (ironic)"To defend and protect the Constitution of the United States"

The unique idea of individual liberty and a Constitution that limits government.

the 2nd says "Shall not be infringed"

Global solutions are not the answer to individual problems.

Times of high emotion are not the time to make reactionary changes to our founding documents.

Jefferson's comment "The true reason for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is to prevent Tyranny in Government " is a bit more subtle than armed revolution.

The government has an appropriate idea of its relationship with the citizen when the common man can be dangerously armed.

When the government takes the power to register and regulate arms,a continuous and relentless program to disarm us will continue.Appeasement will never work."Oh,we will give up Hi-cap magazines" will never work.they will never stop there.

It will not stop till we are disarmed.Even then,it will not stop.

Throughout history,at least the 20th century,the greatest slaughterer,the greatest mass murderers,have been the very governments of the people being murdered...after they were disarmed.

Just say "No!".Absolutely no compromise.Remain armed and strong.It is the only way to preserve individual liberty.

The real killing begins when only the government is armed.
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