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banks/credit unions, ATMs, bars-nightclubs, streets-areas....

There are some good points here but I disagree with some of the statements. It is smart to avoid or pass thru; "bad areas" but as a security officer in a few of those places I can tell you honestly, a lot of the crime/incidents are started by people who are not from those places to start with. If you live or work in these places you see it firsthand. Some places get a unfair rap but others due draw in criminal acts or are what public officials call; "a criminal nuisence".
I tend to avoid banks or credit unions on Fridays(mostly the 1 or 2nd Fri). I also do not go out often to local bars, clubs or restaurants downtown, which is a serious crime problem where I live.
I'd also be careful in some metro area parks or outdoor areas. They have become havens for EDPs(emotional disturbed persons), homeless & aggressive panhandlers. A few urban areas have park rangers or bike patrol officers but they are not always around.
I get annoyed too by the long stretches of streets or roads with 0 street lighting. These streets are a easy target for a car-jacking or a ambush. The same goes for sidewalks or areas where plants or tree branches block the path.
This is no minor issue either. I once caught a strange guy hiding in the bushes & behind the hotel sign where I worked. I noticed him from the 2nd floor & contacted LE.

I really do not use ATMs that much. Debit cards & direct deposit have made life a lot easier(and safer).
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