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Lousy Retailer

I too have stopped doing business with CTD. There are plenty of retailers both online and brick and mortar who do their best to honor their published prices.

On another retail vein I bought a new TV at Walmart, the sign on the wall had a too good to be true price. I asked a clerk about it. Yup she said, that's the price.
When I arrived at checkout the item rang up for 50 dollars more than the sign in the back of the store. (It was still a killer price anyway)

The manager and I walked back to the sign at the back of the store, I showed it to him, and explained that I had also asked a clerk about the price. He balked and said the price is 398, not 348. I said no thanks.

He then stated that they would sell it to me at the price on the sign, and they did.

Kudos to Walmart, even tho I mostly avoid shopping there. I just could not justify spending hundreds more elsewhere. 348 bucks for a 40" LCD smart TV is an unreal price. Merry Christmas to me!
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