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Originally Posted by dahermit
And yet, I have seen severals posts from 1911 owners who's plunger tubes have come loose in the gunsmithing areas of 1911 forums.
Oh, it can happen. But when it happens, it's because someone goofed, and there have to be at least TWO goofs for it to tie up the pistol. First, the plunger tube must NOT have been properly staked. And, second, the left side grip panel must NOT have been made to Browning's design.

I had it happen, with a NIB SIG pistol I was trying out. It tied up the pistol. Needless to say, I didn't buy it, and because of that and other issues I observed in that pistol I will never buy a SIG 1911, nor will I ever recommend to anyone that they consider buying a SIG 1911. When SIG entered the 1911 market, their stated objective was to make it better than anyone else had. That meant they decided to depart from Browning's design specs, which at the time had been producing functional 1911s for about 95 years. The first two or three generations of SIG 1911s were absolute disasters, proving conclusively (to me, at least) that Browning was a genius, and that those who try to outsmart him are fools.
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