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shoulder holster....

If you plan on removing/wearing a firearm in a holster a lot due to your CT position, I'd look at a well made shoulder rig. A Aker Comfort Flex, Galco Miami Classic II, Kirkpatrick Leather, Ted Blocker Lifeline(which is used on the Fox crime drama; Bones), or Mitch Rosen.
You can also tote a spare mag or white light/handcuffs on the off-side(if you are sworn or have arrest powers).

I'd highly suggest packing at least one less lethal weapon when you go out too.
An impact weapon, OC spray or X26 Taser. You may need it in the field. I read a gun press item a few years ago by a criminal investigator who was attacked by a EDP(emotional disturbed person) while he interviewed at witness.
ASP has a line of smaller, lighter batons for concealed use. Mako Group sells a slick polymer impact weapon with a glass breaker. It's only 9.2oz.
For well made OC sprays, I'd get Vextor micro-spin(Mk 3/Mk4 size) or Cold Steel's powerful Inferno(8% OC/2% black pepper).
If you decide to carry OC spray or a chemical agent, take a formal class to document your skill training if you have a use of force incident.

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