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Colt 1911 Rail Gun range report

So there isn't going to be much to this first post as I was unable to obtain any proper targets for my first backyard range trip with this gun and had to use cans and a steel gong, but there will be more to follow.

I bought my girlfriend a Charter Pink Lady .38 Spl for Christmas and the day after we took a little trip to familiarize her with her gun which also gave me a chance to break in my Colt.

First impressions are Wow! It is, albeit by a slim margin, the most accurate 1911 I have fired out of Kimbers (Eclipse and Raptor), other Colts, Taurus, and Rock Island. Usig slow, well aimed, deliberate firing I was able to achieve 99% accuracy on Monster Cans at 15yds. When unholstering and firing rapidly on the fly at 10 yds I was able to maintain about 75-80% accuracy on said cans (I don't claim to be an expert ).

As far as reliability is concerned it was a freight train, there was no stopping it. I was using two CMC mags and one Colt factory mag. First eight rounds were Remington 230gr Golden Saber. The next 50 were PMC bronze 230gr FMJ. Had 25rds of 185gr Z-max that I bought for S's and G's and had no particular use for, also fed fine. Then, in an effort to make it jam, I fed it 16 rounds of really busted looking PMC that had been rolling around in my truck for a year, and 16 rounds of Herters Steel case that's had been doing the same, both 230gr FMJ. 115 rounds of assorted flavors, some very nasty flavors, and zero stoppages.

The pile on the left is .38

I have never felt this good initially about a handgun purchase. I plan to add to this later when I get a chance to head to my local indoor range and punch some holes in paper instead of aluminum lol.
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