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Originally Posted by JohnKSa
A successful school will almost certainly do a much better job of training people than a group of dedicated friends/shooters who aren't staking their livelihood on being excellent trainers
no argument and point taken, but not everyone can afford professional training.

Thunder ranch cost $980 for a 3 day class (not including travel expenses)... this is ridiculous for your average person, I'd rather buy another gun.

I have found two professional training centers in my area though that are affordable to me. Hatch Training ($75) and MK Tactical ($150) for a one day class. Both sites offer additional training to continue... I'm considering one of these.

Still, there are so many gun owners that might not afford even those, and there should be free resources available to them. Frank Etten provided a good list, and Glenn Dee makes an excellent point that training should be an ongoing event.... and that always continues beyond the class.
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