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My economy Ranger didn't come with a hooded front ramp(necessary for rear peep). Budget finish makes it easier to carry than my fancy XTR model. Williams Catalog has tons of choices for you that are no drill. Firesight/peep combo on page 6 if the the front is ramped. Your choice of FP or 5D peeps on pages 11/12.... open blade on page 10 if you don't like the peeps .... basic Sidemount 94 on page 22 or SM71 if you want sidemount and receiver sights...

I make all adjustments at the rear. A short wooden dowel about the size of a round helps me load in extreme cold. 30-30 is ok for a dual purpose rifle but I favor my 10 shot 44 mag for the second purpose. Pistol caliber carbines were the hi cap "assault rifles" of the day
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