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First - Leverguns are hunting, and not target, rifles. Wanting is one thing, but benchrest groups from one is IMHO an unreasonable expectation.
Bench one if you will for zeroing, but they're best shot for practice, etc, as they will be in the field - handled only.

Second - When loading, only push a given cartirdge 3/4ths into the loading gat, then use the nose of the "next" cartridge to push the earlier cartridge all the way "in" while that one is also pushed in only 3/4ths the way.

Etc, etc, etc - So you'll only have to push the last cartridge loaded all the way "in" with the fingers.

Third - The .30-30 can be efective on deer out to about 200yds, depending upon the rifle & the shooter's eyesight.
In factory loads, both 150gr & 170gr JSP's are about equally effective, but most .30-30 users (I'm one) prefer one over the other, for "druthers", if nothing else.

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IDK what you mean by "reticle", since AFAIK only optical sights use/have reticles.

Iron sights utilize a front sight blade with or w/o a bead, and a rear barrel sight with variously-shaped sighting notches ( "U", "V", squared, etc).

If you mount a receiver peep sight in the two side prep holes (the 2 small headless screws are only temporary plugs), it's best practice to also remove the rear barrel sight (it drifts out towards the loading port side) & replace it with a commercial slot filler blank (or file one out of the dovetail portion of an old longleaf rear barrel sight), for a clear/clean sight picture through the peep sight (which, BTW, should be looked THROUGH, and not "at").


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