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You either have the last of the "Winchesters" or the first of the "US Repeating Arms" (USRAC) after take-over. What's it say on the buttplate? In any event, I'm surprised at the finish. By the late 70's, Winchester had finally exorcised many of the Post 64 demons to the extent that most examples of 78 (?)-79-80+ I've seen have been pretty nice with better wood, etc, more worthy of ownership pride again, with some even approaching the vaunted Pre 64s - at least cosmetically, but also some mechnical bits.. They'd improved the plating (?) on the receivers to either accept blueing or maybe more accurately a different treatment or alloy mix (?) - to take on a much better "blue like" finish than they'd had for a decade or so. They'd also changed the flat stamped cartridge lifter/carrier to a contoured/cast unit, resembling the Pre 64's, along with other improved bits.
Regardless of the above, if it's a pre-safety, pre AE gun of that early 80's vintage, even with the disappointments the OP mentions, I say it's a keeper!

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