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2. What BR groups can I expect, with what ammo and to what range?
It's probablly got a 1-12 twist, as most Win94s do. Mine shoots 150s and 170s really well, and I have gotten 1 minute groups at 50 yards with cheap green box Remington ammo. It's not a 1 minute rifle by any means, but groups of 2-3 inches are common at 100yards.

4. There are 2 small screws at the left top rear of the receiver. Is it predrilled/tapped for a Williams peep?
Yep, those holes are for a Williams or Lyman receiver sight. Both of my Win94s have those holes, and they both wear Williams peep sights. Look for the FP 94/36 Reciever sight, Brownell's number 962-200-036WB.

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