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Every single time I had a student unintentionally discharge a gun and come within inches of shooting me or someone else it was a "trained" police officer. Every time. Anytime an LEO shows up at the range now I leave. Their marksmanship is pitiful and their gun handling skills are terrible. It is not really their fault, their training is simply very poor and they all seem to believe that they are "experts" just because they are cops. (or former military)
You too huh? 2 bullet holes in my shooting bench and a lead streak on the wall of my shooting range and all done by deputies, none of the civilian shooters or military shooters using the range had a gun go off where the bullet didn't go down range where it belonged. That being said my most difficult shooters were the old timers with 20+ years of gun handling behind them but were new to range procedure and discipline.
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