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I'm not sure if there was a '94 ranger, but if it's a ranger model is should say on the left side of the barrel.

Post 1964 Winchester firearms typically are not know for flawless fit and finish quality. Most Winchester 94's are meant to be a rugged accurate firearm rather than a show piece. That being said, my buddy has a 100 year anniversary no frills model 94 saddle rifle in 30-30 that is just work of art beautiful. Superb wood to metal fit, deep rich bluing and the action is just as, if not more slick than my 1980s marlin.

Accuracy on his '94 is minuet of golf ball at 75 yards with 150gr Winchester power points. seriously though he shoots 2-3" groups at 100 yards with it off a bean bag with 150 gr wally world Winchester or Remington. His does not seem to do well with heavier weight bullets.

They do load pretty stiff, even my 26 year old marlin still loads stiff and the loading gate pretty much will bite you on any make rifle that has one.

don't know what to tell you about the screws.

Main windage is normally done at the rear sight, and the last bit of fine tuning adjustment with the front. (typically)

Don't assume they won't come after it...The DC commies want to grab anything with a capacity over five rounds, last I checked the '94 is a 6+1 in 30-30. That and after they castrate anything semi auto...the lever action will be the next "hi capacity rapid fire spewing hose of death....they won't be happy till they get them all.

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