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I have a stainless Rossi 20'' lever and a Stainless Ruger 77/357. Both are great guns altho totally different platforms. The Rossi is actually a tad more accurate, but this is probably due to the infamous Ruger trigger. Very similar to my 77/44 that I already replaced the trigger. The 77/.357 has only been out for a short time and I have only a few hundred rounds thru it. I have several thousand thru the Rossi. The Rossi with it's tubular mag has twice the capacity of the Ruger, but the Ruger with it's rotary mag is much easier to load and unload. The Ruger is set up to easily accept scopes and Red Dots, where the lever is not. At the range, the Rossi is one of the favorites for shooting, not only by my, but by others that shoot with me. Both have little recoil and are accurate enough @ 100 yards for legitimate deer hunting. Both use the same ammo as my 686s, altho I generally shoot jacketed bullets.
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