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Sadly, the wind blows W --> E. I'm upwind of them. Nothing I can do about that, based on how the property is set up and what surrounds me. That said, they HAVE to be ignoring the wind - there's people all over. If they are jumping up and taking off every time they smell Tide, they're gonna be running their little deer keisters off! Seriously, I think it's me... when I make a noise - a snapped branch, leaves, whatever - they take off. I can't move any slower or quieter, so lately I just get in stand as fast as I can. Sometimes when they're not there, it works. However, I have to be in stand crazy-early - like, an hour and a half before sun-up. Maybe that's normal for bowhunting; I don't know. It is, to me, overkill for the rifle world.

I have thought about 'ringing' the area with stands, and that will happen next year as I clear the brush and landscape my shooting lanes in. The problem I am having with that is that the woodlot is thick enough that I have very limited shots unless I cut in the lanes. Trying to guess where the deer are going to funnel to and from is like reading tea leaves, but I think my setup next season will look better than it does now.

We did move out of Philly, actually - we're up in Macungie nowadays. I have a buddy in SC PA, and I think I am gonna try to go rifle hunt his land this week. I'm also gonna go hit the SGL and squirrel hunt this week, too, so I don't feel so skunked.

As always, I appreciate the advice! I always seem to be learning around here.
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