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Thanks Pahoo

Here are some bullets

On the left is a 45-70 (.458 - 405 gr hollow base) with liquid Alox and a 9 mm (.356 125gr flat base) all the way to the right, also with liquid Alox. Neither of these slugs have been through a sizer.

In the center is a .357 (Think this is .358 200gr RNFP) with the lube I use in Cap and Ball revolvers. That bullet has been through the sizer.

This is about half and half bees wax and crisco. Actually I just started using beeswax and I am thinking I will like it as much as my previous lube which was toilet donuts instead of beeswax. That other lube was pretty good but still just a tiny bit runny when used in the summer in a hot revolver.

My recipe is not very exotic and there are plenty of recipes out there that are more carefully thought out and probably better performing than mine.

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