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If you had no real interest in having an AR before the panic, why do you feel that you need one now? As has been stated, there is really nothing that an AR can do that your SKS can't do also. You should feel lucky (and maybe a bit smug), that you had the foresight to buy three of them and a thousand rounds before all this silliness ran the prices up.

I find it kind of funny that all the people that had no real interest in certain firearms, now just have to have them, and consequently have driven the prices up to stupid levels.

I have had an AR platform rifle for over twenty years now, and last year I decided that I wanted an M4gery to go with my NM A2. Boy, am glad that I didn't wait, I was able to build it for under $600. There is no way I would pay the prices they are getting for them today.

Last year I bought a new Serbian made AK47 for $500 with 750 rounds of Wolf 7.62X39 ammo. I wonder what I could get for that package today?
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