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I read the article that was linked to the map. Follow it if you wish, but be prepared to have your mind boggled ( Mine certainly was.

In an article that was trying to defend the publication of the map as “the public has a right to know where the guns are”, they led with a tragedy about an insane old man shooting a neighbor in the head.

“What was equally shocking for some was the revelation that the mentally disturbed 77-year-old man had amassed a cache of weapons — including two unregistered handguns and a large amount of ammunition — without any neighbors knowing.”

Yes, that’s correct... it’s important to publish where the LEGALLY HELD weapons are, so we will be safer from the UNREGISTERED ones. They even had the following quote: “Would I have bought this house knowing somebody (close by) had an arsenal of weapons? No, I would not have.”


The neighbor to whom the quote was attributed wanted to remain anonymous “because it’s not known whether the gunman... will return home or be sent to prison.”

Soooooo... let me get this straight. This guy is too scared to let his name appear in an article about the story, because he doesn’t know if a lunatic that just attempted murder and has unregistered weapons may just be sent home, feels that the solution to this situation is to publish a map of registered gun owners.

Oh my. I don’t know what else to say.
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