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Questions about my "New" Winchester 94 "assault rifle".

Ok with the Obamalypse looming over us. I sought to get a suitable rifle for hunting and defense. I chose a used 1981 Winchester 94. I loathe the AK47, the SKS and Mini 30 seem a bit pointless to my desires and anything in 5.56 is very limited to me in utility. I also had 20 yrs of black guns with a previous employer.

I've ALWAYS wanted a Winchester though!

Hey, its's the last rifle the communists will come after and in 1894, it WAS the assault rifle of its day.

By the SN, it was made in 81 or 82. Once I got it home, I noticed it was a bit crude in some aspects, even military crude. Not with the fine fit and finish of my 9422 or Colt New Frontier of the same time. Wood/metal fit is not seamless, the back of the receiver shows factory grinding marks. The overall finish seems intentionally dull. Sights are crap, but can be easily improved by just removing the hood and reticle.

1. Is this what's known as a "Ranger" model? I heard that was an economy model.

2. What BR groups can I expect, with what ammo and to what range?

3. Is it always that hard to load? Will it get better? My fingers often split in the cold and its certainly not as easy to load as my Mossberg 500.

4. There are 2 small screws at the left top rear of the receiver. Is it predrilled/tapped for a Williams peep?

5. What's the best way to adjust windage? At the rear or front?

6. I'm going to remove that constricting rear reticle and use the deep, wide V remaining. Does that stepped wedge(quoin?) offer fine enough adjustments for elevation?
This will be be a deer gun, homeland defender or plinker at unknown ranges.


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