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Originally Posted by tobnpr View Post
My then-17 year old son wanted to build an AR for his HS graduation present.
Chose 6.5 Grendel and we sourced all the parts required.

Brownells has a very useful checklist, and online videos for assembly. The FFL that supplied us with some parts also recommended Glen Zedicker's book, which was very helpful as well.

My son had little to no experience with hand tools, at all...

Assembled it in one evening.

Many tools are convenient, but unnecessary. Requirements depend on build specifics. Pin punches, upper and lower receiver holders for your vise. Most everything else should already be in your toolbox. Double check all your parts lists- it's easy to miss something.

Do it and have fun, it's not rocket science.
Yeah I found the brownells checklist last night, and printed it off. I have the lower and LPK should be sent tomorrow. I'll have to check those videos out though.

I bought a set of pin punches yesterday. The only thing that had me worried was the headspace. I assume though if I buy all the go/no-go gauges then I should be good to go.

I appreciate the responses so far. I'm leaning towards assembling every piece just so I can know all the inner workings. That type of stuff I just love.
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