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I don't know of anyone in the last several decades that's shot a given bullet through screens every few yards all the way to at least 500 yards to show how a single bullet prints relative to the line of sight at each range. If it's been done and there's a link to it, please post it.
Sure would be interesting, and the technology sure is there.
With the growing popularity of long-range shooting, one would wonder if there hasn't been "secret testing already done by the likes of Berger, Sierra, or others that are consistently trying to raise the bar.

To the OP, google "ladder test", which is a method of load development preferred by some long range shooters (over, say, OCW) IF they have the distance available to shoot.

The longer the range with load development, the more apparent the subtle differences become. In short, what might be barely noticeable in a 100 yard grouping becomes much more visible at 300-500. You're looking for vertical spread, discounting horizontal drift due to wind.
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