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Made a bullet grabber.....

I think virtually everyone in the western hemisphere but me has figured out how to handle bullets during the lube process.

I cast my own bullets and lube them with my own lube for loading black powder cartridges.

Problem is trying to figure out how to take the bullets out of the molten lube without dropping them all over the place and getting hot lube all over creation.

I was told by another poster that he uses empty cases to pick them up but then getting them to easily drop out of the case can be problematic.

So I made up these hypodermic based contraptions. Took a .357 case and a .45 ACP case and drilled out the base to 3/16 inch. Made a spring loaded plunger from an Allen cap screw and a locknut. Springs came from an assortment from Horrible Freight.

Then I openned the end on a hypodermic seringe and epoxied the case into the open end of the seringe.

The .45 ACP covers 45-70 and .45 Long Colt. The .357 covers .357 and 9 MM. Pretty much everything I need. (No...I don't load 9 MM with black powder)


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