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I think it was late 60's maybe early 70's was big write up in one of the gun rags about Fred Huntington (RCBS) wildcat 30-338mag taking elk at 1000yds. I'd read that article had to one and we had few local gunsmith stopped in to get a price on one cost was just short of down payment on house got quote on custom action..

I'm a groups shooter and you have group rifles getting 10 shots under 3" at 1000yds and were getting better LR hunting bullets. I'm not much into the hunting show as most are guide hunts and the so called hunter doesn't hunt he just set up for the shot and it's done.

When I had my first 30-338mag build mid 80's I'd talked to Fred Jr and they still had and hunted with that 30-338mag.

Here in Co it's always been the law you shoot and you think you missed you better go check may sure yardage has nothing to do with that law. what bother me the most is the short yardage ethical hunters that shoot into a herd of elk thinking they miss won't bother walking over see if any blood as the elk move further away then they start dropping. Worst case of that happening was 5 dead elk cost them guys their hunting rights.

Worst we ever had here was 4pt or better on mulie it got stopped pretty quick as the ethical hunter local and non resident didn't take the time to count pts before shooting or turn themselves in take the fine and bring deer in. What they do here before tags are issued they do a herd count and the ratio of bucks to does was down most herds didn't take them long to figure out why.

I think what happens lot is some read post about LR shooting and some are site experts and 308 has long history @ 1000yd match shooting. It's never been a LR hunting rd and all they hear is the ballistic it's not hunting ballistic maybe a warning should be include.
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